Clayton H2 is building an industry network, creating projects, leveraging government funding and mobilising investments to drive industry collaboration across the hydrogen supply chain. Its partnership with the Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2) and CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission connects Clayton H2 into the wider Australian hydrogen ecosystem. Clayton H2 partners with ARENA2036 (Germany) to accelerate the development of an Australia-Germany hydrogen industry, creating new economic opportunities and knowledge sharing.


Clayton H2 strengthens member companies and their competitiveness by linking Australia’s leading universities/national research organisations/industry peak bodies to produce the most cost-effective clean hydrogen in the world and enable the export of sustainably produced hydrogen in relevant volumes.

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Clayton H2 identifies and develops projects in establishing hydrogen initiatives to create an ecosystem for future production, storage, transport and further use of hydrogen in various industry sectors, resulting in corresponding innovations and investments.

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Clayton H2 supports universities and research organisations in developing a talent pool of innovators for the advancement of Australia’s hydrogen economy by providing training and research project opportunities driving the development of next generation hydrogen technologies.

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