GrapheneX brings together a unique team of like-minded entrepreneurs and scientists not only to translate ideas into products, but also transform traditional industries via digital technologies. The team consists of industry experts and researchers with more than 30 years’ experience in frontier materials, advanced manufacturing, digital and cyber sectors.

Swinburne University of Technology

With outstanding researchers and facilities, specialist institutes and centres, and a focus on high-quality and ethically sound research, Swinburne is ranked among the top 300 research-intensive universities in the world. Both as a leader in international education and an early adopter of online education, Swinburne is expanding the educational opportunities available to a new generation of leaders.


The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is an Australian Government agency responsible for scientific research. CSIRO is one of the largest and most diverse scientific research organisations in the world. Research at CSIRO focuses on the biggest challenges facing the nation. CSIRO also manages national research infrastructure and collections.

Beyond H2

Beyond H2 is focused on the development of hydrogen technologies powered by renewable energy and their integration with wastewater treatment.

Hydrogen 2.0

Hydrogen 2.0 is about the development of novel green hydrogen production technologies, storage solutions, distribution infrastructure, upscaling of innovation and building small-scale production line prototype pilot/demonstration plants.


ARENA2036 stands for “Active Research Environment for the Next generation of Automobiles” and is one of nine research campuses of the funding initiative “Research Campus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovations” in Germany. ARENA2036 is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is run as a registered association with members from science and industry. ARENA2036 partners are active in various disciplines – hydrogen for mobility, automotive industry, aerospace technology and materials science.

Cleantech Japan

Cleantech Japan brings together scientists and industry partners to develop on-site distributed power technologies and create interactive regional energy webs. By using Internet technology, Cleantech Japan is leading the transformation of the power grid into an energy-sharing intergrid.

Sumitomo Australia

Sumitomo Australia is a leading global integrated trading and investment business enterprise. They trade in a wide range of products, provide integrated supply chain management services, and engage in investment and development of various local businesses in the Oceania region. Founded in the early 17th century, Sumitomo Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo and has a global network of 140 offices in the world.

Port Anthony Renewables

Port Anthony Renewables Limited (PAR) is an Australian public company focused on establishing itself as the largest green energy hub for South Eastern Australia. The Port Anthony Renewables’ precinct is located 196km to the east of Melbourne in Corner Inlet. PAR has a diversified portfolio of hydrogen projects in partnership with early movers in the hydrogen space.


Offset Cleanup Transition Emissions Solutions (OCTES) is an Australian based for-purpose project development and commercialisation company, delivering advisory services along with a portfolio of emissions-neutral and emissions-negative projects and packaged solutions.  OCTES sees the benefit in trading carbon offsets, relish the emissions clean-up challenge and are passionate about energy transition to long term viable decarbonisation of the planet.

H2 Logistics Australia

H2 Logistics Australia is decarbonising the transport sector by converting diesel engines to run on hydrogen. By converting conventional engines and existing truck designs, rather than the full transformation needed for electrification, the time frame to the target of zero carbon emissions can be shortened significantly whilst simultaneously reducing the cost of the change for customers.

Skai Energies

Skai Energies is an Australian hydrogen technology integrator focused on supporting companies in their transition to clean energy through its global technology leading partnerships.  Utilising core relationships with Green Hydrogen Systems and Nilsson Energy. Skai Energies brings together complete hydrogen solutions for localised power generation and use.

Lochard Energy

Lochard Energy owns and operates the Iona Gas Plant in Port Campbell and holds a strategic position in the Eastern Australian gas market, servicing the Victorian and South Australian markets and the Mortlake Power Station. The Iona Gas Plant boasts high reservoir quality, consistent profitability and an excellent Health Safety & Environment record. The Iona Gas Plant has a demonstrated performance history of high plant reliability and an outstanding culture of customer service.

Hydrogen Fuels Australia

Hydrogen Fuels Australia is an industry pioneer in the development of next generation modular hydrogen fuel generation with integrated refuelling facilities in Melbourne, Australia. H2FA is launching Australia’s first integrated modular hydrogen fuel generation and refuelling operation at its greenfield facility in Truganina, near Laverton.

BLU Logistics Solutions

BLU Logistics Solutions has been operating in Bulk food grade transport for over 40 years and is one of the most professionally run fleets in Australia with accreditation by NHVAS, Mass management, Maintenance management, Trucksafe and Fatigue management. Today the fleet consists of 50+ prime movers and 60+ stainless steel food grade tankers with 120+ drivers.